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The Wrocław’s Market Square is one of the largest old town markets in Europe. It is surrounded by 60 tenement houses and in such an elite group FutureNet cafe was established, exactly in one of the tenements. The restaurant was founded in August 2017. Since that time, the struggle continued to be full of ups and downs to create an ideal cafe. FutureNet returned to the roots of the tenement, which was once a café. The renovation began with a big cleaning and renovation the place. Everything was cut to bare brick on the walls and floors. The whole place was in very poor condition. As a result, old pipes and the entire electrician must have been replaced first. The kW power has also been increased. All used cables were removed and new ones were installed. Also several walls were demolished and new ones were built in other places. A wooden Chapel’s floor was placed in the entire café. The stairs are also made of the same wood. All walls have been plastered. The only thing that could not be changed was the ceiling in the conference room and in the dining room. It is historic and therefore has only been refreshed.

The kitchen was also rebuilt. Previously, it was adapted to the sushi bar. Therefore, everything had to be changed and re-created from scratch. The kitchen was built up but an additional window was made so that all guests could see what the chefs are doing. All kitchen equipments are of the best quality currently available on the market. Black, exclusive window shutters have been designed and they are hand-made. All furniture in the cafe are non-standard and were specifically produced for our order. In addition, chairs in the conference room were chosen mainly for comfort and convenience. Simultaneously, they are also modern and have nice design. Tables, like the floor, are wooden and refer to the gold climate that appears throughout the premises. Dresses are like the rest of the furniture and they were created for the needs of our cafe. The entire balustrade was forged by the blacksmith by hand. The entrance door is also unique. Like window sills, masking frames, and all interior design elements. At first glance, customers can see in which high quality cafe has been created.

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Rynek 46/47, 50-116 Wrocław

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