The gourmet menu

Fullness of different tastes, pure healthiness

We offer a wide range of delicious dishes from the unique menu, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or special occasions. In the morning you can enjoy our variations of traditional and modern breakfast. If you love continental tastes, you should try our rural eggs with asparagus or smoked salmon pieces. But if you prefer vegan food, you will also find something tasty for breakfast like our flavorful buckwheat porridge.

Around midday, try our lunch offer or pick one of our delicious snacks available throughout the day. Recipes of our exquisite evening meals would be appreciated even by most sophisticated connoisseurs. All of our dishes are prepared freshly by the chef from eco local products. If you would taste them, visit us regularly because our gourmet menu will be changed every three months.



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Rynek 46/47, 50-116 Wrocław

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