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FutureNet Cafe is the first coffee shop in Poland that uses the most modern hybrid coffee machine in the world. It is a multi type pressure pump. Which means that it has a separate boiler for each group, thanks to it the machine is more stable in terms of pressure and temperature. This allows baristas to control each of these variables. They can freely regulate the pressure on each group. This option gives us the option of setting up the perfect coffee maker and showing different faces of the same coffee.

The coffee machine is automated, it starts the grinder itself and gives the exact amount of grains to the block. In addition, importantly, it uses the tamper perfectly. Tamper is a heavy device for arranging the coffee. The most common mistake when making coffee is improper use of the tamper. Thanks to this machine, there is no error - the perfect coffee is created. The whole machine has two separate grinders and each of them prepares coffee in a different angle. Currently work is on combining the hybrid with the Internet network, it will allow to control all counters and processes by the application from different locations.

The history of choosing the best coffee

The general manager of our cafe, Felix Miśkulin, traveled to Italy to test various coffee roasters. He also visited one of the largest and most prestigious coffee fairs in Milan. These fairs take place every two years. There he tried a lot of kinds of coffee and found the perfect one. Choosing the perfect coffee took four months. It is imported directly from the Italian coffee roaster.

In the café you can try two types of coffee. The first is a mix from the regions of Santos, Colombia, Ethiopia, Vietnam and India. This mixture is used for milk coffees. However, espresso is made of sublime, 100% Arabica. It comes from the regions of Santos, Colombia and Ethiopia.

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Rynek 46/47, 50-116 Wrocław

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