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Hybrid Revolution in the Coffee World

For real coffee connoisseurs, we have prepared special sensations! FutureNet Café is the first coffeehouse in Poland serving coffee from the hybrid coffee machine. This most modern tool in the world allows the extremely precise pressure and temperature control during the coffee brewing process. Thanks to the latest technology, the distinctive, aromatic flavour of your favourite espresso is within the arms’ reach.

And if you fancy a change? Our coffee machine will allow you to taste completely different faces of the same coffee, thanks to the possibility of mastering the process of grinding the grains and controlling the pressure on three different stages of coffee brewing. All of this is possible thanks to some innovative solutions that enable enjoy coffee more intensively.

Journey to the World of Coffee Flavours

Creating a perfect coffee mix is the real journey. To the world of flavours, but it’s also a journey through the countries and continents. Felix Miśkulin, manager of FutureNet Café, faced a challenge of composing a balanced combination of grains flavours. For many months he travelled around Italy, have drunk a countless number of espresso cups, visited the prestigious coffee fair in Milan, tried the aroma of many blends, to one day discover the perfect one.

Grains of individually selected FutureNet coffee blends, Gran Gusto, Intenso, and Sublime, come from the fair trade, are roasted in Italy, we grind them and make sure that each cup has a perfect aroma. We encourage you to try the mix of Grand Gusto from the regions of Santos, Colombia, Ethiopia, Vietnam and India, used for milk coffees, and to savour our espresso prepared on the basis of Sublime composition, 100% Arabica from the regions of Santos, Colombia and Ethiopia.

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Rynek 46/47, 50-116 Wrocław

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