What we offer

We offer good coffee.

We offer good coffee

For the best coffee, we travelled all the way to Italy. Therefore now we may serve it to you, in various forms, but always freshly grinded and from the best grains. In case of coffee (and not only particular in this case), we follow the rules of fair trade.

We celebrate precious shared moments. We really appreciate time

Do you know FutureNet platform? Welcome to the extraordinary place we have created for you, so you could the spot to meet in real world with other users of our network. Is FutureNet something new for you? Welcome! Perhaps we ignite your interest and you will decide to join our community. In real world and online we are there for you.

We work as a team. We really like people

We respect our work and each other. Each of us is different. We have different personalities, different needs and different moods. But we like people and we try to understand them. We take care of them to extract the maximum of positive and good emotions every day. For all of us.

We are interested in the world. We promote modernity

Each day is an opportunity for us to meet interesting people. We talk in the real life, drink coffee, eat lunch, and taste local beer. We spend time together. And thanks to our FutureNet social platform, we are expanding these possibilities and using innovative communication tools on the web.

We look for positive thoughts

We inspire our guests. Together, we look for good interesting and positive thoughts. Do you have some ideas in mind and you want to share it? Leave it on the board in FutureNet Cafe. Are you in a hurry and have no time today? Take it easy, next time we'll be here too.

We invite you to join. We see potential and opportunities in everyone

FutureNet Cafe is constantly growing. Those who are close to our values and those who dream about their own café, we offer cooperation. Together, we look for creative solutions and ways to enjoy our own choices.

Sharing is caring

We feel co-responsible for the world around us. We are involved in various types of initiatives, supporting the development of culture and sport. And we know that there are many other challenges ahead of us. We realize that together we can complete them not only by financial contribution, but also by shared social work.

Find our Cafe

Rynek 46/47, 50-116 Wrocław

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